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Active Transportation and Trails Community Needs Survey

Survey Reporting Tool

Welcome to the Wyoming Pathways Active Transportation and Trails Community Needs Survey Reporting Tool.  This tool will allow you to view, sort, print and download data collected by the survey.  We have provided two versions of searchable and sortable view types for you to use, the Grid View and the Table View, with options to load either paginated (faster loading) or with all entries loaded initially (slower loading).

The Grid View is a running list of each submission presented in portrait page format. The Table View is each submission on its own row that can be downloaded as a CSV file.  You can access these data views via the links below.  We have also provided summary statistics for the survey below the links.

If you find this tool useful, please consider making a donation to support our continued work to bring Active Transportation and Trail projects to Wyoming communities.

To learn more about why the survey and results are important for Wyoming, Read More

Survey Statistics

Total Form Submissions: 234

Total Submissions Without Projects: 136

Total Submissions With Projects: 98

Total Projects Submitted: 187

Who Survey Respondents Represent:

Where Survey Respondents Are From:

Types of Projects Respondents Would Like to See in Their Communities:

Respondents were able to select up to seven types of projects that they would like to see in their communities, so the totals are greater than the number of respondents.

Total Projects Submitted: 187

Type of Projects Submitted:

Type of project submitted when respondents chose to submit an Active Transportation or Trails project.

Trails Projects Submitted: 33

Type of Trail Projects Submitted:

Type of trail project submitted when respondents chose to submit a Trails project.

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